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The “Shariah Committee”: Directing Zakat funds to “feed the people affected by the effects

  • 2020-04-22 12:05:57

Emirates - Zakat Fund
The Sharia Committee at the Zakat Fund chaired by Sheikh Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahim Sultan discussed scholars and membership of: Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Al-Haddad, Sheikh Talib Al-Shehhi, Sheikh Al-Handali Al-Din, and Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Balushi, and Sheikh d. Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, in their video conference held on April 19, many of the issues and developments of Zakat, including the effects of the health and economic crisis resulting from the epidemic of the new Corona Virus / Covid-19. The Committee discussed fifteen topics that were raised and discussed, including the issue of exchange Zakat in providing food or food boxes to those who are affected by the new epidemic of Corona during the holy month of Ramadan, and the committee approved its legal legitimacy in response to the urgent need that has arisen following the health and economic crisis. The Committee also touched on the discussion of people's questions about contributing to the payment of Zakat to the various community campaigns to address the current health crisis, and the Committee authorized those contributions to be spent on the categories eligible for Zakat within their legitimate banks. The Committee was briefed on the readiness of the Zakat Fund during the seventeenth media campaign "Zakat Safety and Security", and the Committee also offered the possibility of members participating in responding to fatwas by video call, or by phone during peak times. At the end of the meeting .. Head of the Committee Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rahim Sultan reminded scholars on behalf of the Sharia Committee of the Zakat Fund all society, individuals and merchants, to take advantage of the month of Ramadan with obedience, extend a helping hand to those who need and need, and deal with the conditions we are experiencing positively, with the prayer that it be raised This disease and calamity for Muslims and all humanity, and to perpetuate its kindness and preservation in the Emirates, including its leaders, people and residents on its good land.