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The Palestinian Zakat Institution held the first meeting of the Strategic Plan team 2021-2025.

  • 2020-07-01 11:25:49

The Palestinian Zakat Institution held in its headquarters in Gaza City the first meeting of the Strategic Plan Team 2021-2025 AD. The meeting included: Aladdin Al-Rafati, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Palestinian Zakat Institution, and the distinguished members, Mr. Nabeel Al-Qishawi, Mr. Abdul Rahman Tamraz, and the Executive Director, Iyad Shaaban, in addition to: a. Youssef Al-Kayali, Head of the General Personnel Bureau, and Mr. Hazem Al-Hosari, Director General of the National Islamic Bank, M. Ehab Al-Ghussain, Director General of the Charitable Associations.

During the meeting, ways to develop and improve institutional performance were analyzed through analyzing the internal and external environment of the authority, addressing any obstacles related to the implementation and application of the Palestinian Zakat Regulation Law, and seeking broad meetings with relevant parties to reach a comprehensive vision that achieves the main goals of the Palestinian Zakat Institution .