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Project of distributing Zakat al-Fitr to 8,200 families.

  • 2020-05-21 11:04:52
On Wednesday, the Palestinian Zakat Institution distributed Zakat al-Fitr to 8,200 hidden families in the Gaza Strip, through local banks, production, national and postal, as the total project for this year was approximately 1,350,000 NIS. A said. Iyad Shaaban, Executive Director of the Zakat Authority, said that this project came in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and many partner institutions. Shaban added, that the Zakat al-Fitr project comes within the important strategic projects implemented by the authority, which seeks to bring joy and happiness to the homes of needy families and meet their needs in light of the blockade, closures, and deterioration of the economic situation in the Gaza Strip. He pointed out that the Zakat Institution will continue to provide its humanitarian services in the Gaza Strip, where during the blessed month of Ramadan, the Institution presented many relief projects, such as fasting fasting projects, 8000 food basket projects, and cash and in-kind aid projects in addition to supporting projects that contribute to facing a virus Corona, which amounted to NIS 1.25 million. Shaaban thanked the Ministry of Finance for its kind efforts by making electronic portals available to employees that facilitated the payment of zakat al-Fitr, and valued the role of employees and our people in making this project a success and putting a smile on the faces of families who have been hidden in the Gaza Strip.